“Do I Have it Figured Out?”


When you grow up witnessing your dad beat your mom, does that shape what you do with your life? Saeeda Hafiz focused on school, going to college and landing good job in banking… only to realize that this wasn’t for her. She started taking cooking and yoga classes, and was captivated by the power of holistic living to nurture and heal her.

Saeeda quit her lucrative banking career to pursue her deeper interests. It was a tough path, tossing her from real highs, like teaching yoga to Salma Hyack, to plunging lows.  It look many years, therapy sessions and writing coaches for Saeeda to process her story. She shared her story in “The Healing: A Memoir of Food, Family and Yoga,” which I found incredibly inspiring. She felt a catharsis through writing, starting with her first draft, which she wrote out by hand in pencil in composition notebooks.

Saeeda sat down with me to tell me more about her story, and what she’s figured out. Press play below to listen to the full podcast.


You can find more about Saeeda at saeedahafiz.com, and you can buy a Kindle edition of her memoir on Amazon.

Music by Martin-Eero Koressaar and The A.M. Experiment

Image: “Luxury, Serenity and Pleasure” by Henri Matisse (1905)