Goodbye for Now


Today is the third birthday of this site. It started as an outgrowth of our career group, and turned into a place to talk about the personal backstories behind big life choices. We’ve devoted hundreds and hundreds of happy hours to it in that time, writing pieces, recruiting and editing guest authors, and making it into a site we were proud of. And now we have some news to share, which is that we’re going to stop publishing Small Answers (at least for now).

This was a big decision, and one we’ve given a lot of thought to over the last few months. We decided to record a conversation about why we’re doing this, because Small Answers is place that, first and foremost, has been about sharing the backstory behind significant decisions. We want to let you in on this choice, to tell you about the things we loved the most about running the blog (as well as the things that we loved a little less), the times we might have overshared, and the reason we’re turning our attention, at least for the near term, to other things.

We are so indebted to the amazing community of readers and authors who have sprung up around this project. We can’t say yet how or when we’ll be back, but you might be hearing from us again sometime soon, so stay tuned. And thank you, deeply and sincerely, for everything. We’ve loved it.

Steph & Leda


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  1. Irene

    Ladies – I have numerous thoughts and emotions flying around at once. I will absolutely miss this blog – I loved the different types of stories, voices, and themes here, as well as different mediums for story telling. I savored these stories on Monday mornings as a way to make the transition out of the weekend easier and to remind me of our joint humanity (particularly helpful, again, on Mondays…)

    I loved what you said Steph, the belief of taking breaks even from the things you enjoy. I hope you ladies come back to the blog sometime soon!

    So very much love and appreciation for all the work you put into creating this space and community…

    • steph

      Thank you Irene! Yes! I do really believe in taking breaks, even from good things. Thank *you* for the reminder about that. I feel mixed about this too =)

  2. Steve

    It’s hard to believe it has been three years. Small Answers simply become one of those interesting thoughtful pauses in the hurry of life that slowed moments into minutes for reflection, introspection and a chuckle or two. It added much to the rhythm of my life. Also appreciated was being witness to the interior and then exterior dialogues that we all have, but few share, at least those of us who are strong I’s. I’m sure you will surprise us with something in the future(hopefully soon), and for now, thanks.

    • leda

      Steve, what a nice way of characterizing what we’ve tried to do here. I’m glad we could be a pause in the bustle of everyday living. Your endless encouragement has cheered us many times over the years!

    • steph

      Thank you Steve! You’ve been one of your biggest fans and your support is so appreciated.

  3. Beth

    Steph & Leda,

    Thank you for your thoughtful creation of this community. Both of you and the contributors have inspired many.

    Let me share publicly what I’ve shared privately:

    I’ve been reading Small Answers since before the time I hit the bottom and knew I had to divorce, and the sharing from other women helped me so many times feel I’m not alone, which made me feel better. It was so meaningful to contribute to something that’s meant a lot to me.

    Please keep the email list in the know about what you’re up to!

    So grateful,

    • leda

      Beth, it means a lot to hear what the site meant to you at a particularly hard time in your life. Thanks for being a contributor, and we will definitely keep you (and everyone else!) on the list!

    • steph

      Beth- these words mean so much to me! Thank you so much for being a loyal reader and a contributor. It’s such a pleasure to know the impact that this blog has made.

  4. I’ve looked forward to reading your posts every Monday. You have created something so rich and satisfying. I know how much goes into this and I certainly understand the need to step back, but you will be missed by so many. I’ve loved your work. Thank you. Thank you!

    • leda

      Thank you so much for saying that. Your encouragement and participation have been so much fun for me. Thank you endlessly for being an early podcast guinea pig for me, and for sharing your own wonderful story of finding astrology. One of the richest gifts of this site has been learning more about the interior lives of people like you, who I am already close to and love.

  5. Harriet

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts about Small Answers. I’ve always been amazed at how much you and those who wrote for you were willing to share, so it was particularly interesting to hear your thoughts about sharing. One thing you didn’t mention is the role you played as editors. You were really good at it. Whether you come back to Small Answers or not, I’m sure you will both continue to grow and thrive.

    • leda

      I’m glad you enjoyed that part of our discussion. We realized it was something we hadn’t said much about up until now!

  6. Barbara Kasman

    Thank you Steph and Leda for Small Answers. Reading each post has been like having a satisfying, deep conversation with a good friend. They have always made me think and I have had many insights.
    Thank you so much for this gift.
    Barbara Kasman

    • leda

      Barbara, your wonderful stories helped make Small Answers what it was. Thank you so much for sharing so much about yourself, and your life, on this site. “My Man Men Memories” remains one of my favorite posts. You support and encouragement has been so appreciated by both of us.

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