“Think about it, bitch”

Sam O' Neill Chubby & Tubby

In the late 1960s, Lucy was working as a cashier at Chubby and Tubby, an army-surplus store on Rainier Avenue in Seattle. It wasn’t a particularly nice neighborhood at the time, and the work was backbreaking; she was on her feet all day. But she had to pay for college.

It seemed like an ordinary day.

Even on ordinary days, though, there was usually a policeman on duty in the store, because all the cool little gadgets and items it carried proved an attraction for  shoplifters. The crime could have happened to anyone. But what unfolded afterward could only have happened to Lucy.


Robbery newspaper clipping

Sean O’ Neill /  CC BY-NC-ND 2.0


  1. Hana Marritz

    Thanks, Leda and Lucy, for letting us experience this event yet again. Lucy, you are so amazing, and I love hearing your stories. Your beautiful spirit comes through every time. You are here to inspire us.

    • fortune Minichello

      so nice to hear your voice Lucy!
      Makes me want a reading
      Get in touch. 808 212 6066

  2. Lucy is a captivating storyteller. I can guess a lot of interesting things happen to her.

    Small Answers is a wonderful, intimate website an does a great service by bringing chapters of people’s lives … to life.

  3. Dan Ireland

    Lucy is one our national treasures, her stories are great because her heart is so beautiful. She’s never not shared in her life and that perhaps is one of the greatest gifts of all, for anyone to receive.

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